Why I am a retired dating blogger

Undeniably one of the reasons I had to retire from blogging about my love life was the somewhat surprise arrival of a hairy (yet still adorable) little baby girl in autumn 2014.

Having a baby out of wedlock, and anything that resembled a relationship kind of wiped me off the dating scene for a while.

Though I should add at this point, breastfeeding and going to bed at approximately 7pm each night didn’t exactly put me in the mood for romance.

And I doubt I would have made a very attractive proposition at that point.

To think, less than a year earlier I had been blogging about my mishaps with dating and relationships – there were a few.

There was always something comforting and quite fun about writing about, or talking to my friends about, a terrible night out or a date from hell (again there were a few).

But after living the single mum life for a while I dipped my toe back into the world of online dating and to be honest nothing much had changed.

Coming out of a whirlwind relationship which had left me a bit puzzled and very pregnant, I think I was pretty brave about the whole thing.

I don’t think I was a scorned woman and considering everything I was pretty open to meeting someone nice.

Luckily for me, there was a prince among the frogs that was hidden away on the online dating site to do with fish.

And he is the main reason that I retired dating blogger.

Because after we officially ‘got together’ I soon realised how grateful I was to meet someone like him.

Someone who helps me feel better when I am feeling terribly insecure, who loves my little girl like she is his own and puts up with my dreadful messiness (in my head and out of it).

So though sometimes I might miss writing and laughing about disastrous dates I am pretty damn content in my retirement  – which is all down to the person I have chosen to retire with.

xxx X




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REVIEW: BackPocket Notebooks

Having moved relatively recently I have had to admit that I am a complete notebook fiend.

There are the pretty, sexy notebooks I am saving for my ‘dream job’, first novel, or when my handwriting gets a bit more grown up. And of course there are my functional notebooks used for work and endless (and I mean endless) to-do-lists.

Thanks to my bit-on-the-side job as a handwriting and stationery blogger I was recently sent three super cool BackPocket Notebooks to review.


I wouldn’t describe myself as cutting edge but I thought the set of guitar notebooks looked really fresh and quirky. This was backed up by my much cooler boyfriend who nabbed one for himself to do a bit of Best Man admin. So they’re totally unisex!

The concept

The concept of the notebooks is that you can carry them around so you have them with you when you have your best ideas.  And there size means you can totally fit them in your back pocket.

The design 

The guitar notebooks are just one of the themes offered by the company. I really love the mini ukulele, acoustic guitar and electric guitar. I’m sure the chords inside would appeal to music lovers too.




I am most impressed by the quality of the notebooks. The covers have a lovely texture and seem durable. The paper inside is really thick – with no risk of any ink bleeding through onto the next page.

To find out more: Visit the BackPocket Notebook website or follow them on Twitter.


To read all the other stuff  I have written about notebooks, stationery and handwriting visit the uni-ball website.   


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What’s ‘Your Song’??

So as it has been a while (a very long one) since I have written on this particular blog. So I asked my social media acquaintances to choose what they wanted me to write about.

From choices of dating, relationships, body confidence, celebrity gossip and mental health you picked RELATIONSHIPS!

I have to tell you the dating stories are funnier/ more cringe worthy but if you want to read my ramblings about relationships, prepare to get a bit soppy!

All of you know, relationships can take you through all the emotions under the sun and probably right back ‘round again. From love to lust to jealousy, to heartbreak, to nonchalance. And this is probably all in one day if you are 17!

Personally I associate the relationships and almost-relationships I have been in (and have almost been in) with songs. And yes, this is something I have blogged about before!

Some songs remind me of a particular night out with a certain person, or someone’s whole personality, or the relationship in general.

And there are always pre-break up songs, during break-up songs and post break-up songs, and occasionally make up songs (never go back folks)!

Obviously I am not alone in associating relationships with songs, it is how Adele, Beyoncé and Taylor Swift make their millions after all! $£$$$$$

I have come to realise in the last year that you know  when you have got a great relationship when you can join in LOUDLY with Taylor Swift singing a very catchy break up song and feel happy regardless.


In my case this is not exclusive to Swifty!

I now happily listen to any song that means something to me. The words bring back memories of relationships, break ups, and epic single girl nights out, but they all make me smile 😉

This contented point in your ‘relationship history’ can come at any age. Some find it at the age of 17 but most have to go through the inevitable slog of meeting the very wrong person at the wrong time!

But when you get to this point I talk about, whether you are 17, 27, or 77, is a bloody lovely place to reach!

Ultimately I really appreciate that I am very lucky to find what I have found. I might be jinxing it, but hey! You’ve just got to enjoy the moment!

I hope this post has made you think about the song significant to the relationship, ‘situation’ or the person you really, really fancy right now!

This is mine.

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The Day I Took Part in the BBC Radio 4 Listening Project

I am bringing myself out of self-imposed blogging exile to tell you about my experience in the BBC Radio 4 Listening Project booth earlier this week.

The aim of the Listening Project is to capture conversations across Britain. Some will be broadcast on BBC Radio 4. And with permission from those involved, the conversations will be stored in the audio records of the British Library.

Before our experience in the listening booth, my sister and I were feeling rather nervous. We listened into other Listening Project conversations and met the team that organise it,  then we stepped inside the booth.

As the temperatures inside the booth began to rise, and with unwelcome visitors outside the door, we started our conversation. We talked about our experience of childbirth as a mother (myself) and birthing partner (my sister).

The ladies in control of the recording were friendly, professional and most importantly encouraging. For me it was a unique experience that gave me a taste for radio.

I admit I am a very nosey person and the idea of listening to two strangers conversations is always tempting. I have a phobia of talking on the phone whilst using public transport because I am paranoid there is someone, somewhere, trying to get the gossip.

I also admit that I find it amusing and amazing that in years to come someone, somewhere,  might be listening in on a recording of me and my sister chatting. Personally (as you might expect) I’m not relishing the prospect of hearing it back!

If you want to hear more about the BBC Radio 4 Listening Project – click here.

If you want to read about childbirth (from my unconventional perspective) please click here.


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Retirement from blogging

Hello one and all, and thank you for putting up with my self-indulgent ramblings this week. I thought I should keep you up-to-date about what has been going on in my world before I take a temporary break from my beloved ‘Suzanne Day’ blog (yet another original title).

blog quotes

Over the next few months I am going to be focussing on my baby and, if I have a smidgen of time, my Baby Diaries blog. Therefore this blog is going to have to be sacrificed.  

Saying that, if I see something in the news that really annoys me about the Medias reporting of celebrities bodies I am sure I will manage a little rant. Think Simon Cowell’s recent comments about Cheryl Cole’s weight. Grrrrrrr, don’t get me started.

As I said the other day in this post I don’t expect to be blogging about men for a while. But who knows what might happen…….I may fall in love with a fit midwife or my health visitor could be this area’s answer to George Clooney. Stranger things have happened to me in the past year!blog me

So before I leave you alone, I must just say this. Blogging is an incredibly therapeutic thing to do and for me it has been really brilliant. Sometimes I blog when I feel rubbish and the lovely people that ‘like’ or comment on my posts give me the pick-me-up I need.  Attention seeking and self-indulgent maybe… but at least I keep you entertained (I hope).


In addition to making me feel good blogging has also helped me to develop a thicker skin. Basically it has taught me how to deal with criticism and be polite and rational with people that have a completely opposing viewpoint to me!

Thanks to everyone that has read this blog since I started it in 2011. I will be back, but in the meantime you can find my baby brain fuelled ramblings right here. (I can be found on Twitter as well – @SuffolkSuzi ).



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Body confidence when pregnant

Me at eight months + pregnant

Me at eight months + pregnant

Snappy title there huh!

As somebody who often blogs about ‘body confidence’ in the media, and my own problems with body confidence, being pregnant has been an interesting experience for me.

When I say ‘interesting’ I don’t necessarily mean it in a negative why. When I found out I was pregnant I did not know what to expect in terms of how I was going to feel about my body. Now at almost 37 weeks pregnant I am still in the same boat.

I do remember that when I first started telling people I was pregnant I used to get annoyed with people sneakily looking at my stomach. I didn’t mind if they announced they were going to have peek but if they did it on the sly it made me feel majorly self-conscious. Sort of like when a pervy guy stares down your top and they think you haven’t noticed.

There are women out there that love being pregnant and embrace the changes to their body whereas there are some that hate it and feel miserable. I am pretty much in the middle of these two groups, though I do truly appreciate having had a healthy pregnancy so far.

People have suggested I have a naked pregnancy photoshoot to celebrate how I look now. This certainly does not appeal! But I don’t mind having ‘normal’ photos taken of me.

I think the average un-pregnant woman has days when they feel crap about their appearance, they also have days when they feel like they are oozing confidence.

It isn’t much different for me now I am pregnant. For example yesterday I felt like the Big Friendly Giant – today I feel fond of my bump and feel it is quite cute.

Again it will be ‘interesting‘ to see how I feel after having my baby. I anticipate it isn’t all going to be fun and games. At the same time I am lucky I am aware that I might struggle and obsess about weight loss. This will not be healthy for me or my baby so I am determined not to let it happen.

I want my baby to grow up knowing they are beautiful so I am determined to set a good example. Being pregnant has taught me that being healthy is more important than looking a certain way. I just need to remember that!

Something to think about



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An ‘adult’ relationship blogger

As a self-titled relationship and dating blogger I am aware I have been pretty poor at keeping you updated on my ‘personal life’ for the past few months.


For those of you that have read this particular blog previously you may remember a few posts I wrote at the start of the year about a break-up. Then it all went a little bit quiet on that front.

This isn’t because me and the break-up boy reconciled or I met someone else I wanted to keep secret – it was in fact something a tad / quite a tad more dramatic.

Basically…. I found out I was pregnant. Hence the Baby Diaries blog that I have started right here.

So now the relationship / dating blogs about myself have had to be put on the back burner  and I am having to conduct an entirely ‘adult’ relationship with break-up boy aka THE BABY DADDY.

This isn’t a ‘kissy kissy’, ‘huggy huggy’ relationship ( one of my work colleagues came up with this particular description). It is a sensible, purely platonic, relationship. We have to make grown-up decisions regarding our baby but still get on well and somehow manage not to take everything too seriously so we do not end up hating each other.

The good thing is break-up boy is a nice guy and even when we were together we never argued which all bodes well. Telling him I was pregnant was terrifying but though shocked he did react in a supportive way. Which, considering some horror stories you hear, is a total blessing.

Obviously the most important relationship I am now ever going to have is with my baby and as you can gather I think it is incredibly crucial that the baby has a very strong relationship with their Dad as well.

Already people have been asking me about if / when I will date after having the baby! I suppose that is what I should expect writing a dating blog and all!

I even had one person asking me if I was looking for someone when I was seven months pregnant…. I might be looking at people but they sure aren’t looking at me!

It makes me laugh that I have friends that presume that once you have had a baby ( as a single mum) you may as well sign up for a life of celibacy whereas others think that a single mother is a VERY attractive proposition for a guy.

I think it is going to be a while until I find out, but I will be blogging about boys and men again one day. I still am a firm believer that you have to be happy and strong on your own before you can have a happy and strong relationship.



Admit it, I lured you in with that title didn’t I. This isn’t porn blogging – soz 😉 But if you are interested in my Baby Diaries please click here – (definitely, definitely, definitely not porn).  

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Why are the quiet guys sometimes the worst?

Boys, boys, boys.

Sorry, I am not sure what came over me then. It must be the heat and the fact I haven’t written a boy related blog in a while.

This blog is about the quiet guys that turn out to be more of a nightmare than the laddy flirtatious types.

You see with the laddy types in someway you know where you stand. You know as their girlfriend that they will shamelessly chat up other women in front of you. The will also play the ‘big I am’ with their mates making out they are the sexiest man in the world since Casanova (if he was actually a real person).

These types of men are annoying and quite hateable. However, as their girlfriend you know this and after a few too many rows and a few too many tears you have to decide if you love them enough to put up with their rubbish behaviour. But YOU have the choice.

When it comes to the quiet, sneaky types you don’t get a choice. You love them without knowing who they really are.

These worm-like types can easily lull their girlfriends into a false sense of security. They can order you flowers and tell you they love you and make out everything is absolutely rosy in the garden of your relationship.

Whilst in reality the flowers they’ve ordered come from a florist who happens to be their long-term girlfriend who just happens to be the mother of their children.

The above has actually happened to my friend. She was the ‘other woman’ without even knowing there was another woman and even another woman in addition to her. (Yes you did read that right).

I met this guy in question when he was with my friend and he was the most unremarkable of men. I didn’t think he was a flirt or loud or twatish or cocky or memorable in ANY WAY. Just goes to show that sometimes the quiet ones really are the worst!

I hope this quiet boy realises by tricking girls like this he is potentially ruining their trusting nature. But more importantly than that I hope that the girls that he’s tricked don’t let him have the last laugh because they are the nicer more memorable people!

Here is a message for the girls – somewhere out there are nice boys. Some might be quiet and some might be loud!

And here is the message for all the prick like boys out there –












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Strong is the new sexy

There are a couple of new body confidence quotes doing the rounds that I like a lot. Please see the below –

Strong is the new sexy

Strong is the new sexy

Strong is the new skinny

Strong is the new skinny

In the run up to the Commonwealth Games I was happy to hear young English weightlifter and beauty queen Sarah Davies being quoted on radio saying that girls should inspire to be ‘strong’ rather than ‘sexy’.

Comments have also been made by respected athletes that girls should aspire to be ‘strong’ rather than ‘skinny’. This is definitely the sort of message that we should be communicating to young girls.

Two of the most prolific sportswomen of my generation are Venus and Serena Williams who have achieved incredible success on the tennis tour both as individuals and as a doubles duo.

Venus and Serena Williams in doubles action

Venus and Serena Williams in doubles action

Once I had the opportunity to see them play in a doubles match and I was disappointed with the mutterings from guys in the crowd that the sisters were ‘manly’. So manly that they apparently had an unfair advantage over their fellow competitors.

From the guys comments you might presume they were not attracted to the Williams sisters. I think they were jealous of their sporting prowess.

Both Venus and Serena (from the Wimbeldon arena) are beautiful women that train hard to maintain bodies that have won them glory across the globe. They have bodies to admire.

As if to highlight the point I am trying to make Venus has recently appeared naked on the front cover of sporty magazine ‘ESPN’. She is described on the cover as being ‘Body 2014’. Definitely a deserved title.

How refreshing it is to see a healthy female sporting body on the front of a magazine rather than a crummy reality TV star or supermodel primarily concerned with looking skinny so they appeal to the male population.

Venus Williams on the front of ESPN magazine

Venus Williams on the front of ESPN magazine




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Danny Dyer is the one with skanky form

I know Danny Dyer causes many women to melt into a puddle on the floor. Apparently it is his rough and ready cockney bad-boy charms that do the trick.

Personally I don’t find him unattractive but then again I don’t find him attractive either (and I fancy everyone).

So when it comes to cheating on his GF. Mr Dyer has form, (Britney Spears wrote the song ‘Womaniser’ about him don’t you know).*

The other day the tabloids were reporting on Danny Boy’s most recent dalliance with a 21-year-old young lady.

Dyer’s loyal girlfriend has taken to Twitter to label the young lady a ‘skank’. Her exact tweeted words: “As 4 today’s Kiss n Tell…Kiss my arse #Skank”.

Now I have no issue with women or men that stand by their cheating partner, husband, wife etc. if that is the decision they choose to make. However, I do have a problem when they take out there anger solely on the ‘other woman’ or ‘other man’ rather than their unfaithful partner.

Fair enough Dyer’s ‘missus’ isn’t going to be a fan of any woman that sleeps with her boyfriend. But it is bad-boy Danny that has committed to their relationship and family life who is choosing to get his kicks from one night stands.

I repeat, he is the one that has chosen to commit to his girlfriend and children. In my eyes the fact that Danny Dyer sleeps around whilst he has a girlfriend makes him the skank.

Here is some info in the Daily Mirror that just might prove it – anyone for a T-shirt?

“In January 2014, Danny cheated on his partner in a threesome after meeting Cara Chamberlain and her pal at a party in a club.

After bedding the pair, EastEnders star Danny gave each of them one of his T-shirts as a “gift” to remember their night”.

* Means it is not true.

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