Facebook friend or Twitter follower?

Continuing on from the theme of my last blog (which I wrote about ten years ago) tonight I am once again to compare Facebook and Twitter.

You have probably all been there. You login to your Facebook account to see you have a ‘friend request’ from a total stranger.

I found myself in this predicament just last week. Lets just call him MM………

Not one simply to ‘add’ an unfamiliar face for the hell of it. I began my usual interrogation. Smooth talker that he was he wasted no time asking me how old I was and if I was single – nice.

Whilst in the real world I find it quite flattering if a 21-year-old calls me ‘fit’ in Facebook land it doesn’t have quite the same impact. I did seriously toy with the idea of meeting up with MM and questioning him face to face.

But, in the end I couldn’t be bothered. If I wanted to sign up to a dating agency I would!

My brief dalliance with the extremely eligible MM did get me thinking. Why is it that on Twitter it is perfectly acceptable to follow hundreds of strangers whereas on Facebook it is seen as a tad creepy?

One major difference I can observe is that on Facebook you have to accept friends whilst the majority of Twitter users have open security settings so anyone can follow them.

The other difference is the importance and attraction of photos. On Twitter it is more about words however on Facebook lots of people upload photos. Do you really want a complete stranger flicking through your albums?

I realise that I am slightly hypocritical I do have some lovely Facebook friends who I actually met through the medium of Twitter. But in my eyes that is fine. What do you think?

On a serious note if you do have problems with anyone that is scaring you on Facebook or Twitter the Network For Surviving Stalking website has some really sensible advice.

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My proudest 'blogging moment' was when Lord John Prescott suggested people take a look at one of my posts on body image. I really do appreciate people reading my blogs. Thanks.
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