Giving up drinking, to do or not to do?

Let me get something straight here I am not an alcoholic or an ‘alcohol dependent’. If you had to define me I would be a binge drinker but compared to most a pretty light one.

To put it simply the month of June was a drunken one for me. This was mainly down to my cheeky little sister taking me to unsuitable nightclubs and my inevitable celebration after finishing university.

So at the start of July I made the conscious decision to give up alcohol for a month. The main reason was to give my liver a break.

I did try counting units and not exceeding them but pathetic as it might sound this got annoying on a night out – maths isn’t my strong point.

On a Saturday night out a few weekends ago not a morsel of alcohol passed my lips but I still had a ‘right laugh’ and even befriended some niceish squaddies.

The next morning I took to Twitter to find out more about teetotalism. I had some interesting responses that have made me consider giving up drinking forever.

One lady who gave up alcohol for a year said she loved that her hair and skin improved and the fact teetotalism made her ‘less moody’.

It seems that the negative of giving up alcohol is the reaction you get from others. The same lady described it as being ‘the elephant in the room’.

One man who contacted me said the difficult bit was telling people he didn’t drink anymore. He said: “I found it annoying having to constantly explain to people why I wasn’t drinking and listening to endless comments like ‘what’s going on with you, this is weird’, ‘you’ll have one, won’t you?’, ‘This won’t last long’, and ‘I’ll give you six months tops’.”

Before giving it up four years ago the guy above said his drinking led to splitting up with his girlfriend and massive hangovers.

Reading about the guy’s teetotal life you can tell by his words the improvements that giving up alcohol have had on his life. He is less anxious and paranoid, has fewer emotional highs and lows, more money, and best of all the ex-girlfriend is now his fiancé!

The thing that made me laugh about the guy’s response was him saying that he had to learn to dance sober – something I can relate to.

Dancing (by which I mean dancing with another person) was the only thing I found slightly challenging on my night out but I could put that down to my ‘dance partner’ or my uncomfortableness around his dancing.

Strangely I actually feel better in myself when I drink. I don’t mean physically but mentally. As well as giving up this month I also gave up in January, February and the majority of March. It is the months that I’ve gone out and drunk alcohol that I’ve felt happier and less stressed.

I know that I don’t have to drink to have a good time so maybe that will mean I will drink less cutting out the stress I bring upon myself when I don’t drink.

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My proudest 'blogging moment' was when Lord John Prescott suggested people take a look at one of my posts on body image. I really do appreciate people reading my blogs. Thanks.
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