Break-up blog #1

Here is a word to the wise. Gushing about your new boyfriend in a relationship/dating style blog is not a sensible thing to do.

You know the bit in soap operas when everything is going beautifully? Until someone utters the words ‘I am so happy’ and then boom a pub goes up in smoke and the love of their life is dead.

I suggest that you leave it a good six months before writing about your ‘gorgeous’ new beau. I for one will be leaving it a good year into a relationship before any future boyfriend gets mentioned in this blog.

So, breaking up is tough. Yet there are some moments of light relief.

For example, half an hour after my most recent break up I went to meet a friend for coffee and advice. Due to logistical reasons it was decided I should meet her at the Family Planning Clinic as she needed to arrange an appointment.

I have never seen a Family Planning Clinic so busy in my life and as I waited with my friend I started telling her it was all over and I was all sad – blah, blah, blah.

Being tired and emotional I started to cry. My friend panicked and unable to cope with my tears told me to stop, which just made my blub more.

It wasn’t long until I realised that I was getting some very sympathetic looks from all the women in the waiting room. They either thought I had just found I was pregnant (and was unhappy about it) or that I had contracted some terrible STI.

So folks, here is some more advice from me to you (and there might be more to come in future blogs):

After a breakup it is fine to cry, to release emotion etc – just maybe do it in the shower, bath or out of the public eye / Family Planning Clinic, just in case you get more sympathy than you deserve.

Feeling sorry for yourself will do you no good !

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My proudest 'blogging moment' was when Lord John Prescott suggested people take a look at one of my posts on body image. I really do appreciate people reading my blogs. Thanks.
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