REVIEW: BackPocket Notebooks

Having moved relatively recently I have had to admit that I am a complete notebook fiend.

There are the pretty, sexy notebooks I am saving for my ‘dream job’, first novel, or when my handwriting gets a bit more grown up. And of course there are my functional notebooks used for work and endless (and I mean endless) to-do-lists.

Thanks to my bit-on-the-side job as a handwriting and stationery blogger I was recently sent three super cool BackPocket Notebooks to review.


I wouldn’t describe myself as cutting edge but I thought the set of guitar notebooks looked really fresh and quirky. This was backed up by my much cooler boyfriend who nabbed one for himself to do a bit of Best Man admin. So they’re totally unisex!

The concept

The concept of the notebooks is that you can carry them around so you have them with you when you have your best ideas.  And there size means you can totally fit them in your back pocket.

The design 

The guitar notebooks are just one of the themes offered by the company. I really love the mini ukulele, acoustic guitar and electric guitar. I’m sure the chords inside would appeal to music lovers too.




I am most impressed by the quality of the notebooks. The covers have a lovely texture and seem durable. The paper inside is really thick – with no risk of any ink bleeding through onto the next page.

To find out more: Visit the BackPocket Notebook website or follow them on Twitter.


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2 Responses to REVIEW: BackPocket Notebooks

  1. Thanks Suzanne, glad you (and your partner) liked them. Hope the Best Man speech was a hit!

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